Balloon Arches

Balloon Columns are vertical sculptures of balloons on a pole and offer limitless design possibilities.  Another type of Balloon Column is the Balloon Tree, featuring alternating layers of balloons arranged and placed on a pole to give the appearance of tree branches.    

​Balloon columns or pillars are a staple of balloon design. They are perfect to focus on a specific area, like an entry or stage.  Columns do well outside too.  There are many styles, spiral, twisted, hourglass, floating and specialty

Balloon Arches are great to draw the eye to focus on a particular area. Arches can deliver such tremendous visual impact for a relatively small investment. Balloon Arches are used for a grand opening, to mark the finish line of a race, ribbon cutting; highlight an entrance for doors or driveways; and to draw attention to a specific location such as a head table, stage or dance floor.


Balloon Columns